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Web Marketing for Accountants, Dentists, Retailers, Service Providers, Healthcare Professionals, Small Businesses, Business, Real Estate ProfessionalsIDO has been providing Website Marketing Services since 1995. From the very beginning, IDO has been on the cutting edge of creating the right infrastructure to host and market a Website.

In 2007, IDO went into production to automate our manual web marketing strategies. In 2010, we launched our first fully automated Web Marketing Engine. The results obtained have exceeded our client's expectations.

Our clients have sought us out by referrals of existing clients. One business came to us, because they tried every web marketing service they could find for 2 years with minimal traffic results. We converted their existing website into our Web System. They went from 0 hits to 7000 hits a week in less than 1 month. We have web system averaging over a million hits a month. It all depends on your participation.

IDO believes that if a business is going to invest in a Website, it should be a efficient Web System. When a business is going to "Market" their business they need to have a balanced marketing mix. It is unfair for the business to purchase $1000's on several different marketing campaigns in order to compensate for an ineffective Web System.

Our Web Systems with the Web Marketing Engine component creates a balanced marketing mix. Each campaign should work great on it's own and not cost a fortune.

Our Web Marketing Engines are almost too great. They tend to take several ranks on the front page of many search engines forcing other websites to the second page. Furthermore, IDO  provides great pricing on traditional marketing, such as radio, TV and direct mailing services.

For demos of current live Web Systems and their stats, please contact us.

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