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IDO has dedicated years to developing better ways to build networks, software, web and Internet services. We offer full website design services. It ranges from the first graphic and navigation concepts to taking over small, medium and large existing network structures. We will then simplify them which makes them leaner and more efficient.

We believe that getting a network up should be easy and cost effective for you. We also realize that once a customer is connected, the relationship has just begun. IDO provides guidance to Internet novices, training for people that need it and promotes collaboration with other network professionals.

We use proven technologies such as Microsoft, Borland and Pervasive as solid foundations for our systems. We are able to achieve robust redundancy and service extreme levels of fluctuation in Internet traffic by enabling load balancing, fail over, and clustering features in our server configuration.

What makes IDO different from the other IT Professionals? We have over 25+ years of combined IT and Business working experience. We only use proven and tested technologies; IDO provides a way for customers to always be productive during transitions or troubleshooting issues that arise. Our customers depend on us to locate where the fragmentations are and resolve the issue.

"Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler." - Albert Einstein 

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