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Location: Oregon, Eugene, Salem, Corvallis, Bend, Roseburg, Medford, Portland

IDO started building Microsoft and Borland based software applications in 1995. IDO was one of the very first windows based ISP's and software to run an ISP was scarce.

Over the years of developing our own Software solutions, clients started making application development requests, resulting in an extensive application library of modules.

Our Software Web Systems include:

  • Contact Management Application
  • Newsletter Application 
  • News Alerts Application 
  • Slideshow Application 
  • Import/Export Application
  • Reporting Application 
  • FTP Application
  • Photo Adjust Application 
  • Article Application
  • Forum Application 
  • Database Driven Application 
  • Accounting Application 
  • Shopping Cart Application 
  • Ecommerce Application 
  • System to System Application 
  • Order History Application 
  • Shipping Carrier Application 
  • Visual Studio Standard
  • .NET 3.5 & 4
  • XML
  • AJAX
  • SQL 2008-2010 Server/DB


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