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Compliance SoftwareIDO creates compliance software for Health Care Providers. 
 IDO Health Care Web Based Software system is designed to give the practitioners their own unique look, basic features and room to develop custom applications per the practitioner’s specification list.

IDO's Web Systems are HIPAA compliant and are secured online so critical information cannot be compromised. All information stays within your website and does not venture off to a third party web server.



By using our Web System we can automate many of your regular daily operations saving you and your clients’ time and cost. Below we listed our basic features as well as the features we are able.

Administration Panel 

  • Manage Users ~ Add | Modify | Delete Patient Information.  A patient sets up their account on the web system. They fill out all their contact information with options of using an Avatar and signature for their postings. This is great when giving a testimony and posting questions. In addition, each practitioner is different, so this area can be customized per a specification sheet.  Patients are automatically listed as a "poster". This means the patient can participate and interact with the Web System.  They can vote in the polls,  post questions that are moderated by the office staff, schedule their own appointments, reschedule or add themselves to a "waiting list", read archived newsletters, polls and other customized apps that are available.
  • Import Users - with an Excel or .csv file, patient opt in e-mails can be automatically imported into the system.
  • Permissions ~ Allows the practitioner's office to set specific roles to users. For example, office staff will need access to approve postings from users, manage the online store if selling products and services, manage articles, etc. As stated earlier, patients are automatically set as non-administrative users by default.
  • Manage Articles ~ The articles are amazing when it comes to web marketing, creating, modifying and deleting information. Each page of the Web System is set up with either an Article Page or Forum Type Page. They are integrated into the Sitemap and Dynamic Menu. The categories are unlimited.
  • Manage Forums ~ The forum or news section is great at letting your patients ask questions by posting them online. The office staff is able to make sure that each question asked is appropriate before the question goes live. The categories are unlimited.
  • Manage Newsletters ~ Each Web System has a built in Newsletter App. This newsletter App allows users and patients alike to sign up for your newsletter. The each to use HTML Editor allows you to create your newsletter and send out to all opt in emails in your system. There is no additional fee and it is unlimited e-mails. Once you submit your Newsletter it automatically logs into the Newsletter Archives, so any patient can view present and past newsletters.
  • Manage New Patient Information ~ Patient information is filled out by the new patient after they create an account, account information is viewable by administrators. Once the forms are filled out, upon submission the form is dynamically converted into a .pdf and emailed to the practitioner's e-mail. The patient will then have the option to save or print their form. This allows them to bring it in to the office. In case they forget the paperwork, the office staff will have a digital copy stored on the web site. A great benefit to having this dynamic set up is in the case of patients changing their information. When the patient makes the changes and click resubmit, the office has the latest changes.
  • Manage Polls ~ Gaining feedback from your Patients and Users is easy with our polls. The polls section offers you unlimited polling that can be archived as well.
  • Manage Products ~ If you have product to sell, our system can help. Our shopping cart allows you to mass upload products, add, modify and delete products on the fly, and are automatically linked to the Web Marketing Engine. The cart also provides the convenience and security of PayPal. However, we can link it to your Amazon account or simply forward the payment information to you to run in your own Merchant Services. The system also tracks orders, availability, automated discounts, SKU numbers, and much more.
  • Manage Scheduler Parameters ~ This allows you to enter your services and how much time it will take. This allows the system to block out the appropriate time when the patient schedules their appointments.
  • Manage Reschedules ~ If the Patient needs to reschedule and needs assistance, the office staff can make the reschedules here. We have an interface that shows the office staff the clients, appointment time, confirmations and etc.
  • Manage Waiting List ~ The System draws the entire scheduler and lines up patients that would like to have an appointment at an earlier time. This allows the office to move the patients times and appointments to the agreed slot without any hassle.
  • Manage Slideshows~ The slide shows are a great feature to display products or before and after shots. 

Other Capabilities:

  • Digital Signatures ~ requires SSL Certificate and allows patients to agree and sign documents online.Fax Documents to providers outside our network.
  • Dynamic .pdf's ~ Web System pages are converted into .pdf's and can be printed, emailed or faxed to recipients.
  • News Alerts ~ We can build a news alert system into your web system's Newsletter App. The news alerts allows any user to simply opt in without filling out a profile.


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