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IDO is a Marketing and Technology Expert! Your Participation Counts Big!Your participation counts big on your marketing success on the web!
IDO has been building and developing new applications for reporting, software and the web since 1995.
We have always included marketing in our web applications and can assist you or show you how to generate the most traffic from both your online and traditional marketing campaigns.
So, what does this have to do with your participation? Our Web Systems grow on content being added and the interactivity of your visitors. Some businesses appreciate being in the driver’s seat and can take it on all by themselves with little help from us. Other clients are so busy running their business they don't have time to sit and do the work or have staff that can take on the task load. That is where IDO comes in. IDO can maintain your Web System for you. All we ask is that you send us content or a place to get the content. In some cases, IDO can take the entire initiative, however we are not experts in your industry and all postings must be approved by your company before it goes live on the internet.

The more content we add, the higher your search engine rankings. Your participation with us guarantees your success!

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