Build your own web app?
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Should customers build their own web application or hire a development firm like IDO?
The app this customer built is a simple tool that allows you to post to multiple Twitter accounts. They learned a ton during the experience so they wanted to share some of those lessons with you.
How we did it
They had a team of nine people which were divided as follows:
·         Two developers
·         One designer / front-end developer
·         Two bloggers
·         One copywriter
·         Three PR folks
·         I would say you only need three people if you want to strip it back to the bare minimum, which would look like this:
·         One developer
·         One designer / front-end developer
·         One blogger / PR person
The app was built in Python using Django and is hosted at WebFaction. It uses the Twitter API, Git and Codebase for version control.
How much did it cost?
On a basic level it cost them a week of salaries (around $10,000). There are some other small costs which I’m not including like rent, electricity, coffee and taxes. We got hosting for free because of a connection we have with the company but if you paid for that you might expect to pay not more than $400 for the first month (for a simple app).
OR…just have IDO build this application for only $2,945.00

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