Hosted Exchange
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Turnkey solution for email and contact management
Now your company can harness the power of Microsoft's robust messaging and collaboration server without the large upfront investment for software licensing, server hardware, or continuing expense of IT maintenance with Hosted Microsoft Exchange Mail.

More robust features and security than POP mail
With support of real-time Safe and Block lists, as well as server-side filtering of unsolicited junk e-mail messages using SmartScreen technology, Hosted Microsoft Exchange Mail can immediately boost productivity. IPSec encryption makes traffic between front-end and back-end servers more secure. Hosted Exchange Mail also includes regular backups, upgrades and IDO's support staff to help with local and national integration. Sync with your mobile device.

Microsoft Outlook® gives you much more than email
In addition to robust email management, you can easily view colleagues' up-to-date calendars and schedule meetings, assign and manage company tasks on central 'to do' lists, manage and access contact information of employees and customers from anywhere, and share documents across the team so everyone's working from the most current version. These features and more are all included in Outlook, the world's most popular business email program, for one fixed monthly fee that's easy on your budget!

Pay by Month...$7.95/mo.
Pay by Year.....$79.00/yr.

For more information and set up details, just call our storefront at 541-505-9301.

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