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IDO's Retail Management Software provides Retailers a dynamic web based solution for their online store requirements. 

Retailers can use IDO's Retail Management Software as is or request applications and features to be added to the core application. 

IDO designed the Retail Management System to give a retailer the option of using it right out of the box or to have it customized to meet their individual requirements.

There are five major sections of the Administration side of the Retail Management System. Users, Products, Articles, Forums and Newsletters.



Social Network Ecommerce Web Systems Administration

Management Features:
User Roles, Page Information, Create Unlimited Pages, Create Simple Simon Drop Down menus and more.


Social Networking Features

Social Networking Features:
Artcles | Newsletter System | RSS Feeds | Ratings | Comments | Reviews | Moderated Postings | Forum |Avatars | Signatures | HTML Editor | Source Code Editor | Easy Video Postings | Unlimited Polls | Share This Widget to All Pages and much more...


Shopping Cart Software

Shopping Cart Features:
Import Products | Unlimited Products | Skus | Discounts | Ratings | Options | HTML Editor |Souce Editor | Small & Large Images | Enlarged Images | Share Widget | SEO Marketing Per Product | Shipping Methods | Order History | Order Tracking | Featured Product | Slide Shows | Interactive Web Part shows Product Feed.



Web Marketing Features: 
Every Web System is designed with a Free Marketing Engine. In a nutshell, it feeds the Content you put into your web system to the Search Engines. Google, Bing, Yahoo and even Safari.



Custom Applications: AJAX l .NET l SQL l VB Script l Javascript l XML l Apps l Google Maps l Reporting l Web l Software l Controls l Malls l Wish lists. If you have been told that it can't be done, you still haven't talked to us. We are known to overcome difficult requests with flying colors and priced fairly. We do self finance. Up your expectations and give us a call at 541-505-9301.



Industries we support: Health Care | Real Estate | Retailers | Service Providers



  Our Demo's are available for review via an visit to our store, your store or over the phone. All you will need is a connection to the internet. Click for appointment or call us at 541-505-9301 for a phone demo.



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