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Location: Eugene, Springfield, Corvallis, Salem, Portland, Bend, Oregon

IDO has offered data recovery for over 9 years to local and nationwide individuals, organizations, academic institutions and legal professionals.

We are highly skilled at data recovery when all hope is thought to be lost. We have a high success rate (90%) recovering data losses caused by power surges & outages, static electricity, lightning strikes, fires, floods, other natural disasters, sabotage, viruses, equipment malfunctions, click of deaths, accidents and user error (deleted files, formatted/f-disk drives).
How long does it take to recover the data? Your hard drive that you are sending in for repair dictates the time frame.

If you can't pull the data do I get my $99 back? No. The $99 is for diagnosing and the labor to set up your hard drive to find a process that will work for your hard drive.  IF after several hours of unsuccessful attempts to access the data, we will notify you and send your hdd(s) back to you. You only need to pay the final $195 + storage media if we can access the files.
Can you send me special packing boxes? Yes. You will need to call us with a credit or debit card to pay for the shipping to and from your location. When you receive the box fill out the paperwork and pack your hard drive. Drop off at the nearest postal drop or office. Once we have received your hard drive we will call you and then process the hard drive.
Do you have a In-house Lab, or do you ship it off to another company? We have a in-house lab, so you can bring it directly to us during normal business hours or after if it is prearranged.
 Flat Rate Data Services:
  • Data Back Up ~ $50.00 for data back-up. This is when a good hard drive (3.5/2.5) comes in that just needs files to be pulled and the data needs to be back up and put back on a storage device.
  • Data Data Diagnosis ~ $99.00 .  This is when a hard drive needs a specific procedure or software/hardware device in order to grab the data.
  • Data Recovery ~ $195.00 +  Storage Drive. Once we know we can pull the data from the diagnosis, the data is recovered on a purchased hard drive or provided storage device.
  • Storage Device ~ Customers are encouraged to send their own duplicate size drive with their repair request hard drive. If a customer wishes, IDO is more than happy to provide a like size hard drive at an additional fee from our retail lobby.
  • Data Forensics ~ $295.00 We will burn an image of your hard drive to a disk with a viewer application. This allows you to view the contents safely with time stamps. All documents and items are printable. This service is used by individuals, businesses and professionals for different reasons.
  • Off Site Data Back Up ~ $50/mo. call us at 541-505-9301 for details.

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