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Dentistry Web Marketing

IDO provides Web Marketing for the Dental Industry. Our Web Marketing talents have created amazing results when it comes to marketing all types of businesses and the Dental field is no exception.

A balanced marketing mix is necessary in getting the word out about your general dentistry practice. In today's marketing strategies, a balance between web system and traditional marketing means such as direct mailers, tv and radio are required to reach your target audience.

IDO promotes your dental practice in a more streamlined approach that keeps you and your staff on what you do best by tailoring your dental web system to talk to potiential and existing customers. 

Whether you’re marketing cosmetic, family, or restorative dentistry, our web systems with built in marketing engines are tested and proven to get results! IDO is a full-service advertising agency, exclusively serving the needs of advanced dental practices, our role is to place you in front of your target customers.

Our first approach is to make your Web System interactive for your potiential and existing patients. We feature Polls, Newsletter System, Articles, Forums that are all approved before posted live, rating system, Dynamic New Patient .PDF's, Interative Patient Scheduler that syncs with Dentrix and other's and more. What's nice about our System is that we designed it ourself, which means you can make custom application requests to add to your Web system.

Our Web Marketing Engine then takes all the information in your Web System and feeds that information to the search engine(s). Our Web Systems have been known to take multiple placements on the first pages of the search engines.

Once your Dental Clinic is listed highly on the Search Engines, IDO then will promote social networking profiles, continue to market your web system, add different marketing campaigns such as tv, radio, direct mail and etc.

To see demo's and stats of other live working web systems, please contact us at 541-505-9301.

Web Marketing for cosmetic, family, or restorative dentistry


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