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Development Press Release IDO Web System


The highly anticipated new web system launch for IDO has arrived! Many changes have taken place for IDO in the past year. IDO provided many services and products for its clients and decided to focus on its core talents.
Our focus is on three services: Reporting Applications, Software Applications and Web Application Development. We provide all DNS, hosting and any network engineering services that are needed to implement our applications for our clients. 

Reporting Application Development: Our reporting service essentially provides reports that your current software is unable to provide you. We can generate all different types of reports as well as convert and upgrade applications that work cleaner and are easier to keep upgraded as your company grows. 
 Software Application Development: IDO has been writing its own and client software applications since the early 1990's. Our applications are sound, tested and proven before they are integrated or offered to our clients. All we need is your specification list to give you a quote.

 Web Application Development: IDO's Web Systems have a positive impact on all that use the system. The main compliment that we receive is that our clients can simply take control, sell online and be found. Our core Web System code integrates all the necessary features that entice popular search engines to index your pages.

Some Web Systems when used properly by our clients will generate over a million hits a month. Our Web System Core Code was designed and developed by us. What this means is that we are able to design custom applications specific to each clients specification list.
Would you like to see a demo of our web systems in action live?Clicl here to
Contact US.

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