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Don's Appliance Center Marketing Campaign Performance

Don's Appliance Center Marketing Campaign Performance

This case study shows how our online marketing campaigns continue to improve our client’s website online presence.  IDO implements web marketing techniques in several different ways. We encompass SEO, online business listing management, online advertising and social networking media  tactics to continuously improve our clients’ website performance.
Don’s Maytag Appliance Center is located in Eugene Oregon.  The web  marketing we have done for them has consistently improved their  website’s performance . Check out the following site statistics.
The following statistics percentages in change from October 2011 to November 2011:

Total visits to the site are up 32.97%. This is a great number. We always want this number to increase from month to month, so that we know we are contiually pulling more people into the website.

The website’s bounce rate is down .28% from October, which is good. The bounce rate is a number that you want to keep as low as you can. This is the percentage of people who only view one page or leave the site within 5 seconds.
Search Engines result in 84.4% of the sites traffic sources. This means when people are searching for their business’s products or services by typing in keywords people are finding them!
Referring Sites percentage is up 79.25% from last month. We noticed this number was low last month and bumped up our external link efforts for them to get this number higher. What a difference we made in a month!
Keyword performance for “appliance parts Eugene Oregon” is up 80.3%.  (When I say keyword performance I’m referring to when someone types in a keyword, if they click on the search result and go to our site.) Now that’s progress!
There are many more statistics that are analyzed and used in the online marketing process. But, these are just a few that highlight the great job we are doing for just one of our clients.
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