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Custom Applications for Web Based Software, Web Applications, Web System Features

Some additional features of our retail management system (RMS) are customer subscriptions for protected content, mini-cart display:

adding to cart action leaves user on same page & updates mini-cart display in the left or right column of page. password protected HTML pages (password protected topics), general site disclaimer message (agree before entering) supported, a set minimum order product quantities before allowing checkout, order options supported (e.g. gift wrapping, ship in unmarked box, etc): each order option can have a price associated with it & user can optionally select order options during checkout, order & customer & product export to Xml, customer e-mail lists to XML (i.e. produce list of all registered customer e-mails for your mailing manager), product & site photo galleries: create photo galleries of products, activities or other important corporate or store fun events & showing prospective customers more than just a "store facade" is VITAL in creating brand loyalty, recent products page, best-seller products page, shopping cart can persist over visits, shopping cart can retain the information if the customer drops the connection and signs in again, built in support for the most common display formats(grid, table expanded, table condensed, simple form, right variant bars, and you can completely customize the product pages by altering the HTML output code), catalog only sites (e.g. turn buy buttons off) support for informational catalog only sites: a simple configuration setting removes all "buy" buttons from the site (in effect turning your site into an informational site, still complete with categories, subcategories, sections, product info, product photos, etc.), store news items supported (editable via admin site): add real-time news announcements/items to the site & inform customers about important new items or promotions, password protected topic (html content) pages, order notes can be entered by customer with special instructions, each cart item can also have notes entered by the customer, shopping "cart" can be renamed (e.g. shopping bag), will require customer to agree to terms and conditions block (user defined) before proceeding with payment, support for subscription products: each product can add a certain number of months to a customer subscription & administration control panel allows override of subscription expiration date, external HTML product description files supported (e.g. product descriptions can be stored in external HTML files), external product specifications/details supported (e.g. product "specs" can be stored in external PDF or HTML file, and linked into product page), hide products & category departments (with publish or un-publish capabilities), integrated product search, advanced product search page (by category, section, manufacturer, price range, SKU, etc.), export to QuickBooks, quantity discounts on products (tiered pricing) or e-mail a product to a friend: product pages can be e-mailed to friends by the site visitors.


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