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IDO Web System Case Studies

IDO Web Systems were conceptualized in early 2008. The flooding of Free Canned CMS Web Sites flooded into the market with rapid abandonment. Thousands of businesses jumped onboard and essentially changed the way web sites functioned.

The template systems that were created produced beautiful eye candy, but were missing key components such as, web marketing and customization. Today thousands of dollars are spent on web marketing campaigns and modifications to these "in a box" web systems. The cost is due to the abundance of individual developers and the complexity of their code. The focus on looks lacked the practicality of running a business, which is having customers become aware of your business.
IDO started programming reports, software and web applications in 1995, and have been highly successful at marketing our clients’ web sites since.  Working with small and large businesses for several years, prompted us to create an application that would counteract the financial burden that are today's web systems. Thus, the IDO Web Systems come complete with open hooks to keep the Web Systems adaptable to the constant expansion of your business' needs. A FREE built in Marketing Engine that dynamically translates your web content into a rich and easy to read index, allowing the most popular search engines point to your business more often.
2010 Case Studies
Dental Web System: A local Dental company approached us with a request for solutions with their current scheduling program as well as automating many of their time consuming requests from patients. Our system allows them to customize the perfect scheduler that allows their patients to set their own appointments online. The program is intelligent enough to know how long certain procedures take and how to block the appropriate time accordingly. This also allows the patients to reschedule their own appointment or join the waiting list for high demand appointments. Notifications are sent via automatic e-mails and/or text messages depending on what the patient selects as a notification method. The clinic also has complete control to make changes to their patients’ information, scheduling and etc.
Paperwork is very consuming, so the client has a HIPAA compliant system that allows new patients to sign up online, fill out new patient paperwork and upon submit, prints out their paperwork and sends a copy to the clinic via PDF.
There are several more features that automate this clinic's office and make their customer service more efficient.
Gift Basket Web System
This client went to three different web developers before they found us. They needed marketing to get their gift baskets out nationally. This is where the marketing engine kicked in and started producing sales in just a few weeks, versus several years without one web sale.
Mall Web System
This client is a referral from our Resource Guide Web System Client below, Client went to one web developer to have a Web System created that would allow her to have several retail sellers their own store and allow her to process all orders. After allowing us to program her specification list into our IDO Web System, she was ecstatic that her system worked just like she had wanted it to in the very beginning.
Real Estate Web System
After going out of state to three different "Web Development Firms" and spending thousands of dollars on fruitless work order requests, the client came to us with their specification sheet. Where the "in a box" web systems would not work for customization, we built individual applications on our core CMS Web System code. Within weeks, our client had an interactive news alert system, built in e-mail system, AJAX photo gallery slider, featured properties, Google maps, and dynamic PDF flyers all customized by the customer. Now, this company with headquarters based throughout the nation, can make their own changes on the fly.  They have realized that if they can dream it up, IDO could make it reality in just a little bit of time. Because of the way we designed our system and due to the clients’ participation, this IDO Web System generates over a million hits a month and homes are sold within 10 days.
Resource Guide Web System
This company came to us as a last ditch effort for Web Marketing after discovering that their current developer was outsourcing their work to Indonesia. IDO is a full service company that provides all of our services under one roof. These services include, but are not limited to: domain management, hosting, development and support. One phone call takes care of all your technology needs. This client could not be found online unless you typed in their domain name, verbatim. This went on for two years. When IDO brought this client aboard, it was shocking to see the state of how this web site was set up or how it even functioned. We wanted to just convert what they had into our web system; instead we had to rebuild it as a new system. What a difference. It went from 0% traffic to over 7,000 hits per week and still growing. 
Software Web System
This company was a referral from our resource guide system client. Their web site had a broken store full of errors and broken links. In 10 days, we had their web site converted into our IDO Web System. Within 48 hours, this client had over 100,000 hits and over $1000 in software sales. The customer called frantic asking "What should we do?" We replied, "Fill Your Orders!" The client has since sold his business for a great profit and the new owners are thrilled with the web system they are getting. Because our client didn't fully utilize his Web System, he didn't know to inform the new owners that there are features such as articles, and a built in e-mail server for the newsletter campaigns. So no he gets to save money instead of paying a service fee for each email. Needless to say, we look forward to the new owner requesting new custom applications to assist him with a bright outlook for his new business venture.
We have several more case studies and they all range from different parts of business. To all potential and referred clients, know that it matters not what industry you are in. We provide excellent services for all industries. We will learn about your industry through you and your specification lists and will build a system to fit you. If you are interested in seeing a demo of how our systems work, click here to contact us.

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