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IDO Buzz...

IDO's Web System has been updated from our classic HTML Web Site.

This Web System offers interactive features such as, polls, forums, help section, membership profiles, avatars, signatures, Archived Newsletters, and much more.







HEALTHCARE: A Long Time Health Care Provider client has requested us to help them to remove their existing "Industry Standard" software. Due to poor customer support, no bug fixes, no custom application and a subscription service. They have requested that IDO build a Web Based Software Application that utilizes their in-house servers to function. This project is perfect for us. We build custom accounting, reporting, contact management, schedulers, alerts, dynamic .pdf's, email server, newsletter server, marketing engine, security, HIPAA Compliant, module on a constant basis.

  • Dentrix Sync - We can sync our Web Systems to Dentrix Databases.

  • RETAIL - - Check out their new Class Scheduler. We are now in the process of building out a customized shopping cart specific to their requirements.







Off Site Data Back Ups IDO offers remote or off-site back ups for local and national clients. IDO will even write the back up software necessary for each individual client for free. Only $50/mo. Call IDO at 541-505-9301 for more details or set up appointment.




IDO Custom Application Development and Managed Network TeamFEATURES OF THIS WEB SYSTEM

Polls: IDO's Polls are a easy way to tell us what you think. After clicking on your answer, click vote. See what everyone else thinks. You can view all past polls by clicking the Archived Polls link.

News: Find out about IDO by clicking the News link. If you have questions, simply set up a quick account (you can add your avatar and signature in your profile if you wish. Simple way to add your avatar is to just copy the url of your favorite social network image into that text box). Once your account is set up, you can post questions that we will answer. Also, if you want to add any photos to the posts, please make sure the image is set to no more than 450 wide. Be patient, each post is moderated, so we can monitor the content before it goes live.

Archived Newsletters: Read all Newsletters by clicking the Archived Newsletter links.


IDO's team of Administration, Technicians, Designers, Network, System and Software Engineers are real world experienced and friendly. 

In the early Fall of 2010, IDO has brought on several new staff members to keep up with the production.



New Mailing Address
P.O. Box 41866
Eugene, Oregon 97404
(541) 505-9301                
New Hours of Operation
Monday - Friday 9a - 5:30p

 If you have any questions, don't hesitate to call us at 541-505-9301




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